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How do we get such good results?

If you remember this device, you'll know why shoes never really fitted

The reason why Bell Shoes fit almost literally like a glove is that we take special care when measuring the feet of our clients. We check and double check each measurement to ensure as close a fit to perfection as is possible.


However, many of our clients are not close enough to our production facility in Bangkok to visit in person. So on the right of the page we show you how to take measurements across the correct parts of the foot.


If you choose to order our shoes, and are not able to visit us for a personal fitting, we will ask you for measurements made by yourself, of each foot. Two feet are rarely identical, and we cater for those differences.


We will also check with you if we have any questions at all, to be as certain as possible that the footwear we create, upon first wearing, will feel as comfortable as your old favourites.

The length of each foot is the most precisely accurate  measurement we need. Sometimes people  wonder how exactly this should be done, yet it is simply taken from the end of the toe (not the toenail) to the back of the ball of the heel.

The girth of the foot is equally important to ensure a comfortable fit. This measurement is taken behind the metatarsophalangeal or big toe joint, which is where a bunion may occur.



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